Web Development

We are a professional web development firm with over 27 years of experience.

Our web development team is made up of long-time internet professionals — some have even been working on the web since the beginning of the commercial internet boom.

Because we are also an internet provider offering web hosting, webcasting, e-commerce, domain names, and more, we have an intimate understanding of all aspects of providing a web presence — not just the web site "design" element. We can work with your existing web host, or your internet services can all be managed here efficiently and affordably from one company as your point of contact. We know how to integrate all of the tools for a complete web presence, on any level of complexity from simple personal web sites to large enterprise-level operations requiring dedicated servers.

Some design firms will project a massive image and turn your web site project into a big complicated production, for the purpose of charging you excessively high fees for their work — not us. We are confident that you will enjoy our straight-forward "no nonsense" approach to web design.

We will work efficiently on your project, drawing from our years of experience, so you don't have to pay for a designer's learning curve. Remember, if you hear hourly rates quoted from other web developers, that number itself is less meaningful when you consider that it might only take our experienced team 3 hours to do what it would take another developer 7 hours to do. The cost and time/energy savings are very significant by working with a seasoned web development firm that truly knows their field and has multiple team members to draw from.

Specialties & Technologies:

We have a high level of proficiency and experience with all of the following web features and technologies, and more:

  • All types of web site development, on any level from basic to advanced.
  • Maintenance of already-existing web sites (Webmastering).
  • WordPress and other popular CMS scripts.
  • Almost any kind of script installation, configuration, and/or customization — add features to your web site.
  • Shopping Carts, E-Commerce, Payment Gateway Integration (Authorize.Net, PayPal, etc.)
  • Setting up and maintaining Dedicated Servers, VPS, Cloud Servers, etc.
  • Membership Management, Protected Areas
  • Mailing List Management, Email Distribution
  • Content Management
  • Photo Galleries
  • Forms Processing
  • Map Integration (i.e. Google Maps or other dynamic mapping systems)
  • Web development technologies such as:
    • HTML, CSS
    • PHP
    • MySQL
    • JavaScript, AJAX, jQuery library
    • XML

Web Development Rates:

We provide a customized price quote for all web development projects. The prices below are shown as a general guideline, not permanent pricing. Actual per-hour rate depends on which team member(s) are required for a project and the timeframe involved. Based on your description of the project, we provide an estimate in advance along with the per-hour rate. Large projects require a 50% downpayment at the beginning of the project.

  • $50/hour for most web development and content updates. [HTML, CSS, etc.]
  • $50 – $60/hour for script programming, script installation/upgrades, and database work. [PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, etc.]
  • $50 – $60/hour for graphic design and multimedia work